Electro-frequency energetic treatments, allows one to retrain the body to recognize items “foods, allergens, vitamins, minerals, hormones, digestive enzymes, substances  etc.) that the body has lost the ability to recognize normally due to stress, underlying  conditions, immune disturbances, hormone changes and shifts in the body. If the body does not recognize something it reacts and rejects it-leading to a symptom which  could range from skin eruptions, weight gain, digestive issues, headaches, sleep disruptions etc.

The two parts to this treatment involve first, muscle testing the body through vials 

that have stored frequencies of a substance (that cannot be seen by the eyes) but can  be felt by the body. This muscle test (does not involve the use of needles) will show a  positive or negative response through a muscle strength or weakness. Weak items or vials are then placed on the Bio-frequency machine which has a high frequency light attached to it that is used to activate pressure points (used in acupuncture) to address the body and start to retrain it to recognize the substance therefore no longer reacting to it and eliminating the symptom. 

(Non-invasive- can be used at any age including babies and children).



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